Minersville Area Skatepark 

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We did it !!!! We completed construction of Phase I and a smaller scaled Phase II  and III.  

Thanks to your support because 

you bought spaghetti, you bought tickets, you bought chances, you bought beef stroganoff, you got your car washed,

you bowled, you danced, you bought basket raffle tickets,

you made donations, you made donations, and etc etc etc. 

And we will NEVER be able to say thank you often enough or strongly enough.

But we are not QUITE finished yet.  

We have been asked to keep working and complete a "2017expansion phase" that would offer a bigger area and a give experienced 8

skaters a bit more of a challenge.  AND WE ARE GOING TO TAKE THIS PROJECT ON.  PLUS we need to add a security camera and landscaping. 

Welcome to fundraising for 2018!

So we still need Y

OUR HELP !!!! 

Now is the time to tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your neighbor's friends, tell your family, tell strangers, tell enemies, tell EVERYONE !!!! As always,

100% of the money raised will be used towards the skatepark. 


You can donate a little or a lot - once - or more often through the paypal button below. 

We of course will also accept donations through the mail at our mailing address or in person at any of our fundraisers.